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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Medebach, Germany

Outdoor Escape Winterberg

Outdoor Escape Winterberg - Medebach, Germany

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Location: Medebach, Germany

From USD

Some of you have experiences in outdoor escape rooms. This event is inside and outside in a natural environment ... More info ›

Some of you have experiences in outdoor escape rooms. This event is inside and outside in a natural environment. Meaning: your playing-field is bigger, it could rain (sorry for that) and everything is set up as if you travelled more then 100 years back in time. You have 60 Minutes to free yourself and your team! Before and after the game you can drink or eat something in our cosy Alm.


You and your team go back to the year 1858. At that time you were a trader on its way to the horse market in Kustelberg. Just before you arrived you and your fellows get robbed, your horses are stolen and like that is not enough you are left alone, chained to a table. A man roars "60 minutes you have.. but after that..." He stops and makes a move with his finger under his chin. A little boy dashes into the tent after the big one is gone and whispers: " follow the instructions, follow the instructions and find the letter that sets you free.." Then he dashes off as quickly as he entered. So.. with other words. You need to solve the puzzels in order to get unchained and then find your way through the puzzelsto the letter left that sets you free. Good luck!!!

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