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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Kolbermoor, Germany

Distillery leadership and tasting

Distillery leadership and tasting - Kolbermoor, Germany

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Location: Kolbermoor, Germany

From USD

At our tasting, e.g. The Gin Tasting you can melt different gins on the tongue ... More info ›

At our tasting, e.g. The Gin Tasting you can melt different gins on the tongue. First, we'll tell you the history of gin, from its discovery and use as medicine to its current use as a long drink & cocktail. In addition, you'll find out exactly how the MOORGIN is made in traditional handcraft. Then we show you the filling by hand. Last but not least, the MOORGIN is one of the few one-botanical gins in the world!
You experience the art of gin distillation up close and firsthand. That's why gin tasting or gin tasting takes place directly at the distillery. You can not be closer to the Gin production. In addition, the head of the house personally leads through the MOORSTILLERIE and shows how traditional craftsmanship in harmony with modern technology harmonises perfectly.


Visit the MOORSTILLERIE in the heart of Kolbermoor near Rosenheim. Be first-hand and experience the art of distillation first-hand. We tell you, for example the history of the gin and show every single step of the production, from the maceration to the distillation to the own bottling by hand. The owner of the house personally leads you through the distillery and shows how traditional craftsmanship blends perfectly with modern technology. Then you can look forward to the tasting with bread plate - a guaranteed unforgettable experience. We are happy to see you!

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